National Parcel Service, Inc. (NPS) provides supply chain solutions and reliable in-transit parcel coverage. NPS was formed in 1991 by a founding group with a collective 150 years in shipping and parcel coverage expertise.

We provide shipping/logistics applications plus tools and services to integrate with virtually any ERP, WMS, or accounting application. Through this seamless integration, companies are able to more efficiently link their supply chain. Additionally, electronic transmission of shipment detail enables immediate coverage and tracking of shipments. Claims are handled within 14 days of receipt, regardless of carrier response or co-payment.

Since the installation of your shipping solution in June, we have increased shipping efficiency at no cost to our firm. Although I was at first skeptical of how such a plan would work for us, I am now thoroughly convinced that we are receiving impressive value. --- Comptroller, Timers/Air Control Manufacturer

This new integration software has improved our shipping and accounting operations. We are currently experiencing a significant increase in outbound traffic and we are handling this increase with the same number of warehouse and front-office personnel. Operations Manager, CES Electronics Distributor

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